Queendom Graphic Design Solution

Hiring a designer should be simple

Start a project today and get your designs within 1-3 Days. We'll take care of everything in between. No hiring. No hourly. Fixed monthly rate for all your design needs.

A designer for any job and every job

Whether it’s a new logo, marketing materials, advertisements, or website/app design, there's always a qualified designer for the job.



Create a design project

Start by filling out a simple form to help your designers understand what you’re looking for.

  •  Fill out simple form
  •  Upload any attachments you want to include
  •  Choose the type of files you want

Just about any print or digital graphic you can imagine can be requested. Anything from advertisements, marketing materials, to even logos, website/app designs can be submitted. See our extensive list of design offerings  HERE


Assigned to the best designers

Queendom will automatically assign your projects to the best designer team.

Our designers have a wide variety of skill sets and they’re ready to apply it to your project requests. Whether you need a landing page designed or custom illustrations for t-shirts, our team of designers can create anything you need.


Review drafts &
submit feedback

You’ll get a draft back within 1-4 Days. Not 100% satisfied? Submit edits until you’re satisfied.

  •  We work on revisions until you’re happy
  •  Leave revisions directly on designs so your designer knows exactly what to edit.

 Not feeling the style of your assigned designer? Let us know and we’ll swap them out with another designer more compatible with your brand.



Download files

Happy with the results? You can download all the design and source files instantly with a click of a button. No need to wait for someone to email files to you.

  •  Download your completed designs instantly
  •  Have complete ownership of source files


There is a wide variety of file types to choose from including Adobe Suite files, Microsoft Office files, PDF's, PNG, JPEG, and more.

No contracts. Cancel anytime.

Honest billing without the fine-prints. No contracts or hidden fees. Cancel anytime.

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